Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to Say
(World in Sound WIS-2505)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

I have to say this is a really surprising release. It is great to hear another cool band from Peru, where La Ira De Dios hail from. This is a five piece psychedelic rock band. The 5 track CD (they call it an EP, which is kind of ridiculous as it has more than 45 minutes of music on it. Anyway, Nueva Ola starts things off with a slow building psychedelic stew with some space whispers as the whole thing glides along while the drummer gets more and more intense, a bit of a post rock like mood with the guitars. The track has a great intense ending. The title track, Nothing to Say, is next and this is real psychedelic rock with an intense rock riff a bit like Vibravoid mixed with La Ira de Dios. The Last Drop slows things down and reminds me of some of the early Monster Magnet stuff. Very stoned stuff… Madripoor is an instrumental rocker with a psyched out spacey phased guitar. Kommune I is the last track and is 23½ minutes and is mostly instrumental and very psychedelic and spacey. They fly right into from the start after a little boy speaks. There is some cool guitar soloing and a great space rock jam. The small kid comes back after about 10 minutes and the track takes off in another direction but still spaced and really far out in the last 6 or so minutes with a drive hawkwind fans would appreciate. Great CD…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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