Johnfish Sparkle- Johnfish Sparkle
(Transubstans 040)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Johnfish Sparkle is a new Italian band that arose from the old band JackyJail in 2008. The power trio are more inspired by the 70’s than the current musical sounds but this is still pretty mainstream sounding at times. Freedom at Last starts the CD off and is a melodic rock sound and is a great song for sitting in the garden with friends. The band jams it out a bit at the end of the song. Feelin’ Down is another good time rock and roll number with a great guitar riff and cool wah solo. Hey Man, starts off with a short solo, deep bass and some cowbell. Good rocker. We never Know is a bluesy number. Tale of a Lonely Man begins with acoustic guitar and singing and but bass and drums come in a bit later. Quite Led Zeppelin like. How many Miles kicks it up into high gear again with some nice wah guitar and a good solid riff. Down in Mexico is a bit bluesy and melodic track. Mr.Window has a foot stomping bit of a shuffle to it. Dance into the Fire ends the CD and band comes up with a good song with a nice riff to get your ass moving. This band is probably best seen live where they can take off and jam out these short number. A pretty cool debut but I miss a bit more of an edge, grit, something….. For this is best played very LOUD.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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