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Robert Calvert   &   Hawkwind

HAWKWIND - Hammersmith Odeon
> from the Melody Maker (UK) / Oct. 1976

HAMMERSMITH Odeon ain't the best gig in Britain. It's got about as much atmosphere as Crossroads, and that doesn't help a band of rock 'n' rollers like Hawkwind who thrive on audience feedback.
Still, the twin drummer concept of Simon King and Alan Powell worked wonders in tightening up the once ragged rhythm section, an bass player Paul Rudolph (sometimes swapping roles with Dave Brock) played a couple of tasty guitar solos.
But the highlights came from the 'flu striken Biggles / Rudolph Valentino / Dracula's granny / Bob Calvert (take your pick). Calvert put over a totally menacing performance, culminating in his lofting a model head on a sword (the head looked quite like Nik Turner's actually) and waving it at the crowd.

Anyone who thinks that Hawkwind are dead, had better think again. Their music is better written and played than ever and the set was full of new numbers like the amazing Uncle Sam's On Mars (complete with stage appearance of dummy Martian) and what has to be their next single 'Back On The Streets Again'.

Gone is the whole 'Master Of The Universe' hit, replaced by much better music, better lights and improved theatrics.
Despite a slow start the audience eventually began to accept the new materail (I heard no cries for Silver Machine) and the Hawklords conquered all.

Paul Rudolph + R. Calvert in front of ATOMHENGE - 1976
Paul Rudolph + Robert Calvert playing in front
of the ATOMHENGE stage-set; 1976

GARY COOPER Sounds UK 16/10/76

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