Black Wyrm Seed – Self-titled CD-R (2011)

I got this CD-R and listened to it once – then I attempted to touch base with the band itself. After I never did hear back from them, I decided to give the disc a second listen and to check out their Myspace page to hopefully be able to scrap together enough information to give this disc a proper review. You get seven tracks – with a running time 38:25. Best described as mid-to-slow tempo psychedelic with a touch of the blues worked in. Black Wyrm Seed is based in Chicago and I saw noted that this CD-R was initially put out on cassette. Songs I liked best were Shadows Of Time (has some good lyrics, I thought), Goodbye, Blue Monday – sort of maybe reminds me of Syd Barrett, the two-and-a-half minute Sleeping Sickness, the seven-minute Walls Of Sodom and Broken Windowpane. A bit too low-key compared to what I prefer – yet don’t get me wrong it’s all still good. Line-up: Nathan M. Dodge – electric & acoustic guitars & vocals, Matthew Dodge – bass and Kurt Long – drums. I am not sure of just who I might compare Black Wyrm Seed to. But after spending a certain amount of time on their Myspace page, I found some notable bands and artists that might be similar or even somewhat similar to their music which are Dark Fog, OM, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Sleep and Heavy Water Experiments. This CD-R tends to sound better with each spin. Really liked their Myspace page.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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