Electric Moon – “Flaming Lake” (Sulatron Records 2011, STCD-R013)

Until I picked this CD to review for Aural Innovations, I hadn’t even heard of this Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana) side project, band, etc. Flaming Lake is a recording of a live performance that took place on July 2, 2011 at the Open Air Festival in Battenberg, Germany. As to anyone who has read my CD reviews before – I am a huge fan of live releases as such. Best described as long-winded instrumental psychedelic jams with some superb improvisation. The CD is a limited edition of just 250 copies and the Sulatron Records site indicates that the vinyl pressing edition is already sold-out. Four lengthy tracks to soak your (already) damaged senses into – like for example the disc’s opener The Cosmic Creator (17:30) is a fine instrumental work-out with awesome passages and fuzz guitar fully put to good use; and the title cut Flaming Lake (16:20) is a definite over-the-top German space rock piece that will have fans of early Hawkwind and Guru Guru surely sitting up and taking notice. The longest running tune Lost And Found (23:43) starts off a bit similar to say, Monster Magnet (at least, I thought so) without the vocals and later had developed into like a Jimi Hendrix guitar ripping shred-fest. The finale to all this galactic bliss winds down with Burning Battenberg (18:43) which showcases Electric Moon’s melodic side.

Personnel: Sula Bassana – guitar effects & electronic stullenbox, Komet Lulu – bass and Alex – drums. Prime 21st century German psychedelia to be thoroughly taken in. Highly recommended to fans of Seven That Spells, Neumeier-Genrich-Schmidt, Liquid Sound Company, Hypnos 69 and some Acid Mothers Temple numerous titles. Essential.

For more info, visit: http://www.sulatron.com and http://www.electricmoon.de

Reviewed by Mike Reed


  1. Roger Larson says:

    One of the best albums I have purchased in a long while. I actually like Electric Moon ( and their two regular releases )the best of all the great music Dave has been involved with.

  2. Aural Innovations says:

    Yeah Roger, Dave and co. are cranking out some killer jams with Electric Moon!