Baby Woodrose – “Love Comes Down” (Bad Afro Records 2011, AFROCD042)

Keep in mind that this is the first Baby Woodrose CD that I’ve heard – however, I do have all three of their spin-off band – Dragontears discs. See my review of their Turn On Tune In Fuck Off CD in the Aural Innovations issue May, 2011. I was somewhat amazed at just how many titles this Danish psychedelic / rock trio has out at the current time. Picks like Blows Your Mind (2002), Mindblowing Seeds and Discounted Flowers (2011) and Third Eye Surgery (2012) are all on the Bad Afro Records label. Thus I guess I now need to add those titles to my want list. Something I was not aware of about this Love Comes Down CD is that it was originally released in 2006 as a vinyl only pressing in a limited edition of 500 copies, making it the rarest / hardest-to-find Baby Woodrose title. About every one of these fourteen tracks are good – at least I thought so. Tunes like What Ya Gonna Do? (employing some great harmonica), Found My Way Out, the superbly arranged No Other Girl, the awesome all-psyched out Growing Younger (maybe the disc’s best cut), the rocking Christine, the MC5-like Born To Lose, Nobody Knows and the title cut Love Comes Down most definitely had me hooked after the first play. Also just found out that this disc does not include the two specially-released songs – a couple of stoner rock gems Cherry Bomb and The Keeper (these two songs were laid down in the studio at the same time that the CD was initially recorded) that comes as a free 7″ single when purchasing a vinyl copy of this title. So, what about us patrons who no longer have a turntable that simply cannot play a vinyl LP – even if we wanted to? I believe they did the same with the previously mentioned Dragontears Turn On Tune In disc.

Line-up: Lorenzo Woodrose – guitar & vocals, The Moody Guru – bassist and Fuzz Daddy (aka Rocco Woodrose) – drums. Fans of the Hellacopters, Monster Magnet, The Seeds, (obviously) Dragontears, the Magnificent Brotherhood, MC5 and the Stooges should eat this effort up.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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