Eidetic Seeing – “Drink The Sun” (self-released 2012, ESR004, LP)

This three piece band hails from Brooklyn. I’ve heard several songs from their 2010 self-titled and it’s every bit as good as this, their second LP release. Eidetic Seeing fuses together elements of pure stoner rock, psychedelia and 21st century heavy metal. Drink the Sun notably progresses (thus moves forward) past their previously mentioned self-titled effort. The LP has reportedly been receiving airplay recently on the stations WFMU and WPIR as well been selling decently locally and on a couple of online music stores. What do you know – there may still be hope for U.S. radio stations after all. Tracks I was most impressed with were Riff Canyon Valley, the wailing seven-minute Deep Falafel Prophet, the ass-kicking eight-minute Prime Rib Neon / Waves Of Radiation (sort of reminds me of Motorhead a little) and the awesome tripping / stoner ‘gem’ (it is, at least to me) title cut Drink The Sun. A couple others worth mentioning are No Pilot and the frantic Variations on a Reinterpretation of Lord Siva where this fiery trio completely cuts loose.

Line-up: Sean Forlenza – guitar & vocals, Danilo Randjic-Coleman – bass and Paul Feitzinger – drums & synthesizer. Personally, I believe that fans of both stoner and a certain amount of psych patrons would enjoy this LP. Basically, if you like your music with fuzzy guitar, heavy bass and relentless drums – you’ll most likely get as much out of this disc as I have. If you decide to stream a specific cut off this title, the band recommends that you should choose Track 6 – It’s Not Blood, It’s Gamelan or the previously mentioned track 8 – Variations On A Reinterpretation Of Lord Siva. You won’t be disappointed. Should appeal to fans of Earthless, Monster Magnet, Electric Wizard, Nebula, High on Fire, maybe Bardo Pond and some Acid Mothers Temple followers. Eidetic Seeing’s stunning Drink The Sun LP. Available at fine online record shops.

For more info, visit: http://www.EideticSeeing.com

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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