Electric Moon – “Cellar Space Live Overdose” (Sulatron Records 2012, ST1203, 2-LP)

My review copy was two home-made CD-R’s that was apparently ripped from the 2-lp vinyl limited edition that the label Sulatron Records had pressed to a limited edition of 777 copies. I Believe that Cellar Space Live Overdose might be available as a single-disc title – but it only has one of these two live gigs that you get on this double-album. First record LP is of a live Electric Moon performance that took place on January 27, 2012 at Schlosskeller Darmstadt that has been accurately described as a ultra-cool psych gig. First tune The Soul Feeder (23:32) completely pulls you in with its first rate brand of 21st century mind-blowing German space rock – they would make a choice co-headliner act with bands like Hawkwind, Vibravoid or Omnia Opera. A real shame that the U.S. doesn’t get (m)any shows like this. The Idle Glance (22:27) faithfully follows up this platter’s first cut with some more fine played electronic space rock that reminded me more in the vein of, say – Spacious Mind. If I had to choose between the two discs, I would probably say that I believe I like disc 1 a bit more. Okay, with disc 2, the live show occurred on September 30, 2011 at the Kultur – Keller Fulda. Starts off with The Verge of Fainting (19:26) which I personally thought was sort of maybe Guru Guru-like, especially at the beginning. As the tune goes on, it manages to present itself as a nice healthy cosmic work-out. Then, the closer where all this galactic mayhem draws to a stunning finale with The Spaceman Returns (22:25) definitely has a nice sounding progressive-space rock feel and vibe to it. This is an audio space travel experience that makes for a great venture. It’s every bit as much of a must-have as the Electric Moon – Flaming Lake CD that I did a review of back in March 2012 here at Aural Innovations.

For more info, visit: http://www.sulatron.com and http://www.electricmoon.de

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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