The Linus Pauling Quartet – “Horns Of Ammon” (Homeskool Rekords 2010)

Released in 2010 but recorded in the years prior to 2007’s All Things Are Light, Horns Of Ammon is a 7 track, 36 minute set that highlights the somewhat lighter side of LP4. Now when I say “lighter”, I should emphasize that I’m writing about this CD immediately after having been immersed in the decidedly NOT-light new Bag Of Hammers (see review above), so this is pure brain massage compared to that album.

The set opens with the folky rocking Lost It All. I like the combination of acoustic and electric guitars, including a tasteful acidic lead, and the organ is a nice touch too. Nowhere demonstrates how LP4 can do a cool grooving song, yet still inject it with plenty of acid rocking heaviness. Fans of the Bevis Frond’s acid-minstrel tunes will dig this one. The aptly-titled Monster is similar, but with an acid-damaged garage rocking vibe. Porno In the Sink is a fun rocking party tune, except I’ll spare you what I could guess the song is about. Concubine is part acid-folk song and part fun grooving rocker similar to Porno In The Sink, and includes tasty wah-bending guitar solos. I’ve Been Down is the most laid back song of the set, consisting of a dreamy, sorta country-psych flavor, and we’re treated to still more tasteful melodic psych guitar solos. Finally, the nearly 11 minute HAWG!!! serves up a fun discourse on stoned psychedelic Blues.

I’ve been following LP4 for years and one of the things that keeps them so interesting is the varied ground they cover. In fact, I think both Horns Of Ammon and the new Bag Of Hammers together might be a good introduction to what the band are about for newcomers.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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