Projective Module – “Other Things That Happened” (Black Note Music 2011)

Projective Module is the latest project from J.C. Mendizabal, aka Kyron. And like so many well-produced Kyron albums, I find that the production of Other Things That Happened is also very well executed.

The mix of the subtle with the edgy seems to be in perfect equilibrium, making the journey through the album all the more pleasant without any injustice to the listener. The feel of the tracks to me lie in very ambient places, and if I was to sum up the sound, I would state that it is somewhere between Jorge Reyes on the subtle etheric level, and Son Kite on the transient minimal dance level. It is electronic orientated hypnotism that has melody, beat, and structure, rather than pure sound creation that has not, and it plays heavily with this melody and beat ethic throughout the majority of the twelve tracks of the album.

Other Things That Happened, according to the overview on the bio, is based entirely upon the conception that Three Immortals fell into a deep dark slumber and ventured far into realms of existence far beyond our own, seeding our nervous system with alien life! Yet, there is no mention to the condition that only through death can one truly and fully understand that the frequencies of immortality are the true opposite harmonic resonance’s of the present reality’s constant F# drone, and therefore cannot be penetrated materially due to the vast frequencial difference of a dense material body.

However, with a Merkaba, one could in theory bodily escape from this three-dimensional intergalactic universal monotony without being astrally dependant on the light body, as is with these supposed Immortals. So, for this reason I assume that the Immortals went nowhere and were indeed sleeping off a drug haze! Keep it up J. C.!

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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