Troldmand – “Live at Loppen” (Space Rock Productions 2012)

This CD was recorded live at Loppen, Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark 2011. It has four tracks, all of which are totally instrumental, lasting around 40 minutes.

From the very first note of the first track, Et Samfund Under Jorden, I get an expectation of what is to follow. I hear, as the song progresses, a strong Amon Düül II style unfolding into an improvised disjointed mayhem, which just so happens to be my kind of madness.

I hear a lot of strangeness coming from the synthesizers and the guitars alike, which keeps me interested throughout, and I find that the further into the essence of the song we go, the more Amon Düül II it gets, which nicely demonstrates what the band are about from the off, and by the end of the track I am keen to hear more.

Track two, Det Borende X, is a fourteen-minute journey through the bowels of space, and from a listener’s point of view I feel that this is my favourite track of the CD, very spacey yet very earthy.

As we begin, I hear very subtle traces of Pink Floyd coming from the guitars, very much in the Echoes vein throughout, yet from these humble sounds, when the effected sustained bass guitar drones enter, we really begin to build minute by minute into a very nice trippy piece of music indeed. A one that is raw in the Igra Staklini Perli way, just as much in your face as Samsara Blues Experiment’s Long Distance Trip, and full of soul and passion as Pink Floyd were at the heights of the Pompeii era.

Track three, Atomrig, is a stoner styled mania, seared with Hawkwind’s Space Ritual era synthesizer bubbles that remain almost constant for the majority of the 4 minutes onslaught, until we abruptly halt and slowly enter into a true Hawkwind Space Ritual era piece, styled on the likes of 7 by 7 and Upside Down, etc., and this takes us through the next 4 minutes to the end. Very soulful Hawkwind sounding.

Track four, Rockford, Illinois, likewise takes the Hawkwind feel, taking the basics of a would be Brainstorm, as well as a number of other 70’s rock style riffs, and melding them all into one 9 minute space extravaganza, very much again in the Space Ritual era Hawkwind sound.

All tracks comprise of guitars, bass, drums, and manic synthesizers, which are an obvious must. All tracks are very power driven and earthy. All the instrumentation is well constructed and executed. The sound is good for a live gig, and really it is an experience to behold.

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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