Dog Hallucination – “?!” (Intangible Cat 14, 3″ CD-R, 2011)

Dog Hallucination have here a 23 minute 3″ CD that is an experimental and abstract enigma of industrial / ambient / noise / glitch experimental-ness mapped over 4 tracks. It reminds me a little of German noise-artist Siemers (who also puts out 3″ CD-R weirdness), and Norwegian group Ulver around their ambient period like the Teachings In Silence CD about a decade ago. It is subtly noisy with a subdued psychedelic guitar droned ambience, indeed. The main part of the music is distorted guitar textures and digital beats and washes of atonal white noise. Dog Hallucination consists of Bob on keyboards, sampler, engineering, percussion, manipulations, field recordings, first stage mixing, and self portraits (I can assume the pics of the weird guys on the cover art), while D. Petri is responsible for editing, mixing, photography, design, manipulation and guitars. Doggy P. Lips is the person responsible for guitars and ideas. It was recorded 2006-2007 on digital 8 and 16 track, portable minidisc and 4 track cassette, edited and mixed August 2011. I can only assume this ensemble have hallucinated themselves to beyond description or human abstraction, like bits of synaptic fallout from Savage Republic’s noisy guitar-echoes of ancient cultures and motorik kraut-distortion as interpreted by electro-ambient-glitch-era Ulver, and mixed and assembled by the found industrial machine like noise-architecture of Siemers, maybe. Either way, file this Dog Hallucination EP under “weird”.

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Snail mail at P.O. Box 33, Spring Valley, IL 61362, USA

Reviewed by Christian Eric Mumford

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