Chatham Rise – self-titled (Picture In My Ear Records 2013, LP/Digital Download)

Chatham Rise are a Minneapolis based quintet who play a dreamy, melodic, Shoegaze brand of space rock. Last year’s debut was the No One EP, and now they’ve released their first full length, a self-titled 8 song vinyl LP and digital download that includes 3 of the 4 songs from the No One EP. Chatham Rise may not be doing anything dramatically different but they definitely excel at gorgeously mesmerizing melodies and multiple guitars creating a sense of gently floating cosmic drift. Among the standout tracks is Gone, with its sitar and Indian influenced injection that will sweep you away on a paisley colored cloud. Autopilot and Fall In are the heavier rockers of the set. But overall this is a put on the headphones, close your eyes and drift away full album experience. My office at work has a big window with a pleasant view of a residential neighborhood. I had to stop listening to this album on the job because I kept gazing blissfully out the window in a near trance.

For more information you can visit the Chatham Rise Bandcamp site at:
If you’re in the Minneapolis area over 4th of July weekend (2013) there will be a bunch of psychedelic bands playing, including Chatham Rise, The Volta Sound, Highspire, my friends from Floorian, and more. Check it out at

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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