Red Planet Orchestra – “Secrets Of Eternity” (Path Of Action Productions 2013, POA 81CD, digital download)

Hot on the heels of their debut release, Aurora Symphony, Red Planet Orchestra is back with Secrets of Eternity. Red Planet Orchestra is the UK based duo of Vincent Rees and Peter Smith, who were the same musicians who created the T30 Control albums Blade Of The Sun (2003) and Hollow Earth (2006). Secrets Of Eternity consists of 4 tracks – two lengthy pieces and two shorter ones.

Cosmos Remix and Time Drift are the short tracks at just under 5 minutes each. Cosmos Remix is pure floating orchestral space electronics. I like the combination of astral electronic wind instruments and flittering effects that sound like a flock of birds greeting the new day. And in the last minute we hear lovely spoken word in Welsh by guest Heather Jones. Time Drift features heavenly, meditative floating space, with a low end bass sensation that rumbled in my brain under the headphones, shooting star synths, and more brief spoken word by Heather Jones.

The 31 minute Eyes Of An Angel and 12 minute Rapture Of The Cosmos are the epics of the album. If you were to look up “Space Symphony” in the encyclopedia, instead of words it should be represented by a link that plays these tracks. The titles are appropriate as this is angelic and rapturous music indeed, with its combination of majestic symphonics, astral string section, moody soundscape drone, and gradually, almost imperceptibly developing melody. Heather Jones spoken word returns briefly on Rapture Of The Cosmos, and though I don’t understand Welsh, her voice is soothing and is an ideal match for the music.

In summary, another beautiful set from Red Planet Orchestra. Throughout the album I imagined myself in an outdoor concert hall, the cosmic electronic symphony playing at night under the stars. This would be ideal to perform in a planetarium.

For more information visit the Red Planet Orchestra web site at:
The site notes that a limited edition CD of the album will be released later in the year

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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