Electric Moon – “You Can See The Sound Of” (Sulatron Records 2013, 10″ Vinyl)

The latest from German cosmonauts Electric Moon is a 10″ vinyl release in a pressing of 500. The band are the trio of Sula Bassana on guitar, organ and synths, Komet Lulu on bass and vocals, and Michael Orloff on drums.

The Inner Part opens side one, propelled by a motorik beat, haunting vocals, hypnotic drones, liquid trip guitar and searing acidic space effects. Very intense acid drenched Space Rock. Your Own Truth has a bass pattern and off-kilter rhythmic pulse that reminds me of the Finnish band Circle before they went Metal. Lulu’s vocals are a cross between chant and space whisper, which once again adds a cosmically hypnotic dimension to the music. And I like how both tracks are deep space but rhythmically distinct from one another.

Side two consists of the nearly 12 minute No Escape From Now. The first few minutes are a spaced out, tension laced introductory build up which doesn’t fully explode until around the 4 minute mark. I love how the bass and drums lock horns in intense rocking battle for a while, before the band settle into a still rocking but more sedate, acid drenched groove. The guitar veers from acidic drone to bubbling trippy licks, and Lulu’s vocals serve as a cosmic meditative mantra. File under absolutely freakin’ excellent. Electric Moon really are one of the best of the contemporary instrumental space/psych rockers.

For more information you can visit the Electric Moon web site at: http://www.electricmoon.de
Visit the Sulatron Records web site at: http://www.sulatron.com

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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