Dog Hallucination – “Serving Two Masters” (Intangible Cat 2013, CAT-19, 3″ CDR/Download)

This 3″ EP by the duo of D. Petri and Doggy P. Lips from Spring Valley, Illinois is intended as a progressive advance toward an actualization of some sort of ‘new experimental-psychedelia’, or at least a uniquely new flavor. UNTITLED 1:14: Begins with far away 1930’s styled recordings along with a man talking and crumbling things. UNTITLED 2:22: Goes into melodic dreamy guitar and swelling keyboard (almost said organ), a mixture of shoegaze and middle ages monastery! UNTITLED 2:53: No listing for who plays what but very out there and pleasant, burbling water sounds underneath two dualing guitars. A bit of synth fritz hovering about. I bet these guys are the strangest two people in Spring Valley. UNTITLED 6:50: Guitar loop with second guitar on top, simple and nice… yes, like most sincere musicians. Some keyboard swooshes and now the hypno drum, sounds live but a repetitive pattern. Who to compare this with? Maybe some later period Ash Ra Tempel?! Yes, high praise indeed! Gets more intense, then the second drum and you start to hear the Swans influence. Hey, this is pretty badass, modern sorta stuff. They better watch out or people will start throwing money at them. UNTITLED 2:40: Quiet, far away transition from previous track. Now the Betty Scott dialogue from 1979 at 1513 16th Street in North West Washington, DC at the Embassy Building. Betty’s never seen a stranger yet, if you want to be treated like a friend and neighbor you treat the other person that way, you go Betty!!! I assume this is one of the guys grandmother? Or maybe just a found recording!?!? UNTITLED 7:54: More stylized etherealness, yes, the coolest cats in Spring Valley, Illinois! Isn’t that where the Simpsons live?!? More loveliness for the outro track, some distortion mixed in? Or is that just my CD player? Oh, it’s intentional, yes, art! Suddenly goes into Middle Eastern/Mid-Western hypno guitar/drum raga… closes with some more Betty Grandma in DC… how do they get so much music on a 3″ CD?? Yes, it’s quite fabulous.

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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