Red Planet Orchestra – “We Breathe Together” (Path Of Action Productions 2014, POA 82CD)

Red Planet Orchestra is the UK based duo of Vincent Rees and Peter Smith, and We Breathe Together is their third album, following up from last year’s Aurora Symphony and Secrets of Eternity albums.

For this new set the duo continue their theme of deep space electronic excursions, with 5 mostly lengthy journeys. The 14 minute No Return To The Edge is a beautifully floating, slightly droning wave of orchestral space. The theme is minimal, developing only gradually, the focus being on creating an uplifting cosmic experience. The music is meditative, but there’s a powerful feeling of majesty, and a mild intensity, that rather than disturbing the calm adds to the variety of emotions in this otherwise slowly evolving piece. Shadows Of Earth similarly rides the crest of a peaceful space wave, but the mood is slightly darker. With the movie Gravity still fresh in my mind, I’m reminded of the moments where Sandra Bullock is slowly floating and struggling with what will become of her. This would have been great music for those scenes. We Are Forever is a little different, being a more energetic assortment of effects, atmospherics, and spaced out somber moods. I wish this had been developed beyond its 4 minute length. While listening to the 19 minute We Dream Together I was reminded of a trip to the Cincinnati aquarium last summer. They had a circular room, ringed with multiple separate jellyfish tanks, all with the most amazing lighting. This track reminds me of standing at each tank, watching the jellyfish slowly floating about in what seemed like an extra-terrestiral aquatic environment. Finally, the 26 minute Watching Tomorrow kicks the energy level up a notch, being a space-orchestral excursion, with soaring angelic strings, combined with delicately pulsating drone waves, like a depiction of an alien heaven.

In summary, the album as a whole is like a big cosmic ballet. This is music you fully experience by surrendering yourself to it. As you can tell from my descriptions it’s highly image inducing. Despite the meditative peace and relaxation, it continually sparked my imagination.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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