Deep Space – “Through The Haze” (Sulatron Records 2014, st1401, LP)

Austin, TX, based Deep Space are new to me and their Through The Haze LP is an intriguing set of deep space Psychedelia that draws on a cohesion of 60s and 90s influences. The band are the trio of Buddy Hart on drums, Robbie D Love on guitar, bass and vocals, and Golden Unknown on guitar and vocals (their Bandcamp site names Greg Connor and the promo sheet says Golden Unknown so I’m not sure if it’s the same person or not). Through The Haze consists of 5 songs, both long and short, and is 45 minutes in length.

The album opens with Work, a spaced out Psychedelic rocker with winding, phased and various other efx’d psych guitar leads, whirling and weaving synth lines, eerie wailing 60s organ, myriad effects, and a heavy driving rhythmic pulse. It rocks hard but you could dance to it or relax in a head bopping stupor. Take your pick. The 11 minute Vibrations is next, and I like the cool grooving, trippy vibe, both in the music and vocals. The promo sheet references Spacemen 3 and I’d say their spirit and even Spiritualized is present here, as well as a touch of psychedelic country. It alternates between a lazy drugged feel and a valium restrained energetic rocking pulse. I don’t know how many guitars are playing at once but it sounds like it could be a few, and I like the combination of strumming, melodic leads and freaky efx’d psych guitar. Inner Light is a short but rip roaring Psychedelic Rockabilly-ish tune. Things really get wild with Motorcycle, which starts off hypnotic, tribal, and darkly atmospheric. Between the narrative style vocals and the overall vibe I’m reminded of The Doors’ The End, though FAR more spaced out. And the explosive song segments hail back to the high intensity feel of Vibrations. The entire 15+ minutes of this track is white knuckled, edge of your seat gripping. Absolutely monstrous! Finally, Lady Heroine is similar to Vibrations but with a Lou Reed/Velvets edge, and includes some excellent tripped out jams.

In summary, I was quite taken with this album. There’s lots of variety but these guys really shine when they stretch out on the lengthier tracks. Recommended. Note that the LP comes in an edition of 500 copies pressed on white/clear marbled vinyl. I see on their Bandcamp site they have another recent release, a cassette/download EP.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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