Electric Moon – “Innside Outside” (The Great Pop Supplement 2014, GPS 114, LP)

Hot on the heels of their fantastic Mind Explosion 2-LP set, Electric Moon are back with Innside Outside, a single LP sporting two side long Space Rock epics. Innside opens in early 70s German Space Rock mode, with haunting cosmic keys plus bubbling, bleeping, pulsating electronics, and tension laden drumming that anchors the extended introductory buildup. Near the 5 minute mark the guitar and drums join in and the band fall into a stoned droning Psychedelic dirge that feels like a march of the Teutonic aliens, rolling toward an interstellar battlefield. The music quickly builds to the point where it feels like a punishing Stoner-Space-Psych assault. This is not feel good music. This is high intensity, noisy, droning, metallic, seriously threatening Space Rock, bringing to mind the Blanga of Hawkwind circa In Search Of Space erupting like Krakatoa and spewing rivers of cosmic lava. If that was Innside, which implies safety and comfort, then what will Outside be like? Well sure enough, the theme continues, though perhaps more as high octane, rip roaring Psychedelic Space Rock than a roll over you like a tank battlefield assault. I was at work the first time I listened to this and was so wound up when it was over I had to leave my desk and go outside for a short walk. Absolutely freakin’ monstrous. This trio is a force of cosmic nature.

Vinyl junkies should note that the LP is pressed on multi-color vinyl and is housed in an inside-out cardboard cover. Limited to 500 copies.

For more information about the LP visit The Great Pop Supplement web site at: http://www.greatpopsupplement.com
Visit the Electric Moon web site at: http://www.electricmoon.de

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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