The Diaphanoids – “LSME” (from Tirk Recordings 2014, CD/LP/Download)

The Diaphanoids are the Italian duo of Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari, who play a craftily constructed and absolutely brain frying blend of Trance, Acid-Psych, 70s Krautrock and Space Rock, and they throw in the kitchen sink for good measure.

The album comes roaring out of the lysergic starting gate with the appropriately titled 55th Dimension Nervous Meltown, a symphonic Space-Kraut electronica groove-fest freakout, with electro dance beats that lay the foundation for tripped out guitar and effects. How Can I Distinguish Sky From Earth If They Keep On Changing Their Place has similar beats, but with wailing and screeching violins/strings that give the music an intense Eastern freakout feel, plus a bubbling cauldron of effects. LSME recalls mid-90s Circle’s brand of atmospheric grooving Krautrock, but heavier on the electronica and with an Acid-Psych
infusion and more fun use of multiple effects.

You Can’t Shine If You Don’t Burn eases the pace a bit, alternating between dreamy cinematic melodic drift and Psychedelic cacophony and effects. Track 4, with a title nearly as long as this entire review, is a dreamy, droning atmospheric piece that is simultaneously floating and intense, with space-orchestral soundscapes, sitar(ish) drones and mind-bending Psych guitar.

Then we’ve got The Blackest Sun, which sets the melody from The Beatles’ Within You Without You to a drugged dance beat, wailing Psych guitar, freakout violin, frenzied oscillations, drifting soundscapes and a banquet of effects. Our Own Private Elsewhere is like the Space-Funk soundtrack to an alien detective flick. And These Nights Wear Three Heads Five Arms And Ten Legs is a frenzied Acid-Space-Metal head trip that closes the set.

Wow, what a ride. The entire set is only about 40 minutes but you will feel more than satisfied and nicely disoriented. Recommended.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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