Deep Space Destructors – “III” (self-released 2014, CD/Download)

Finnish band Deep Space Destructors are back with their third album, a 5 track 45 minute set of kick ass Space Rock. Beyond The Black Star kicks things off, being a rocker with a swinging groove plus acid Psych and Hawkwind Space Ritual effects. Spaceship Earth rocks hard in Hawkwind circa Electric Teepee space and has a punchy Alan Davey styled bass that makes my head want to BANG. About halfway through this 9 minute track the music transitions to an easier paced melodic rocking section with one slowly soloing and one strumming guitar, before launching into a stoned yet still spaced out Hard Rock blast that leads to the finale. Lots happening on this tune. Cosmic Burial is also in the 9 minute range and is a blend of cosmic Black Sabbath Stoner Space Rock and trippy deep space dreamy excursions with a narrative sense that a story is being told. The narrative development continues on the 15 minute An Ode to Indifferent Universe, which evolves through heavy Space-Prog and cosmic Hard Rock constructions. This track reminded me a lot of early Darxtar. Nothing sits still for long as the Destructors continually shift gears and the track is loaded with non-flashy yet cool and interesting dual guitar work. Finally, Ikuinen Alku has a high powered Hawk rocking vibe similar to Spaceship Earth. Deep Destructors switch to their native Finnish for this one (lyrics on the rest of the album are in English). Overall a damn good set of potent Space Rock.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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