ST 37 – “I’m Not Good” (Cleopatra Records 2014, CD/Download)

The latest from Austin, Texas based veterans ST 37 features a dirty dozen of their trademark Space-Punk-Psych Rock and art damaged weirdness. The band come roaring out of the starting gate with the stoned Space-Punk and searing Psychedelia of Down On Us. Doppelganger is like Hawkwind’s Space Ritual done up ST 37 style, with its combination of bubbling and oscillating UFO effects, mind-bending guitar licks, acoustic guitar and densely stoned volcanic undercurrent. Dirty Little Homewrecker is a deep space Psych jam with freaked out electronics and fun voice samples. In Crowd is a cover of the Billy Page song that was made famous by both Dobie Gray and Ramsey Lewis. ST 37 take the spirit of the original and give it a swinging Space-Punk kick. Odd Ass Silence is a short freakout interlude before Girl Like you, a Psychedelic Space-Soul song with raw punky rhythms, caustic guitar melody, and bubbling cauldron effects, like some kind of cosmic acid trip R&B infused Punk tune. At 10 minutes this is the longest track of the set and includes a cool freaky sound experimental Space-Punk-Industrial segment. Baxty consists of stoned metallic Space-Punk with a killer guitar combination of Helios Creed devastation and Flamenco/Middle Eastern crossbred snake guitar. The viola is a nice touch too. Eroica Horn got me wondering if Chrome’s Alien Soundtracks had included a cover of the Beatles’ Revolution 9, it might sound something like this mind-fucked brain scrambler. Magnetic Amphibian Hydrated Gills is a twisted blend of drugged dissonance, Psychedelic Mariachi, Acid-Metal sludge, Amon Duul II Yeti styled freakouts, and saxophone led Free-Jazz-Punk corrosion. Feeding Friendzy features trippin’ on the old prairie Country-Psych and majestically stoned Dream-Pop. The Pit Out Back is a good time Space-Punk Rock ‘N’ Roller. And Doppelganger’s Doppelganger is a brief banjo shit-kickin’ and sound experimental finale.

ST 37 have been crankin’ since 1987 and it warms my heart to see a band that’s been around this long match and even better their best material. I’m Not Good is a smoker from start to finish. I hope the Cleopatra Records association helps get them some much deserved exposure.

The CD is available through Amazon and the download through iTunes.
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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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