Kalamata – self-titled (Zygmatron Music 2014, CD/DL)

Kalamata are a German guitar/bass/drums trio who play what they describe as “instrumental psychedelic-stoner rock like the old Kyuss or original space-rock bands from the 70s”. The album consists of 7 tracks, all with single word titles that spell out “You Have To Die Soon Mother Fucker”.

The band are only marginally Space Rock though some of the guitar gets a little spacey at times. But they are definitely Psychedelic Stoner Rock. Some of the tracks sound like a darker and grungier version of Colour Haze, with a really cool angst filled guitar sound. Other tunes are slow and nicely melodic, but highly intense, with dual sensations of majesty and doom. Kind of like a more fuzzed out hard Psych version of Black Sabbath. To is a highlight, alternating between grungy, thrashy Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll and mellower segments with tasteful melodic guitar. Soon is another standout, being a ballsy Stoner Rock ‘n’ Roller with a sassy swaggering groove. But the last two tracks are my favorites and are very different from one another. Mother is the shortest track of the set but also the most high energy and tightly wound, sounding like a Wolfmother/Colour Haze shotgun wedding and includes some ripping wah’d solos. And Fucker is the fuzziest, sludgiest, doomiest track of the set, with guitar licks that cut like some Psychedelic demon’s knife.

In summary, Kalamata will appeal to fans of Psychedelic Stoner and Doom rock. There’s nothing to really give them their own identity but they quite capably add their voice to the genre.

To stream, download or purchase the CD visit: https://kalamata.bandcamp.com

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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