Low Orbit – S/T (self-released 2014, CD/DL)

Low Orbit are the Toronto, Canada based Stoner-Space-Psych trio of Angelo Catanero on guitar and vocals, Joe Grgic on bass and synth, and Emilio Mammone on drums.

Their debut self-titled album opens with Space Capsule, which consists of an eerie pulsating drone-throb and space electronics that serve as an intro to the Stoner Space Rock and Hard-Psych rocking UFOrb. This is like Black Sabbath at Hawkwind’s Space Ritual, with crushing Stoner riffage and spaced out effects. “Take a ride. To Area 51. On the UFOrb”. Dig it. Witchking is a Hard Stoner-Psych tune with a sludgy drudgy vibe that reminds me of Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf, and includes cool tripped out guitar licks. International Bass Station is more Metal than Stoner, though it’s a pulverizing assault and still has plenty of Psych guitar. Angel Lust returns to Low Orbit’s more characteristic Stoner-Psych territory and includes a much welcome Space-Ambient vibe. The music can be like early Sabbath at their most brutal, but I like the segments where the hypnotic bass combines riffage and melody as the drums crash and the guitar spits spaced out licks. Potent stuff. Low Orbit continue to up the energy level, spaced out vibe and Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll riffage on Starships & Monoliths and Lost. Treehowl is ominously sludgy with some pretty mean trip guitar and cosmic/demonic lyrics: “I drive my car to the edge of destiny. Planet on the backdrop of my galaxy. Am I a god of a tidal universe. Or just a victim of Satan’s big black curse”. The aptly titled Cosmic Wobble is a monstrous Hard-Psych Stoner-Space instrumental jam. And the ultra stoned The Sloth closes the set.

In summary, if you like Black Sabbath at their most potently stoned, heavily psyched up Stoner Rock, and a healthy dose of Space Rock with your riffage, you’ll dig Low Orbit.

To stream, download and purchase the CD, visit the Low Orbit Bandcamp site at: http://loworbit3.bandcamp.com

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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