Client/Server – s/t (self-released 2015, CD/DL)

Client/Server is the husband and wife duo of Tom and Jennifer who formed in 1999, having been influenced by Flying Saucer Attack, Windy & Carl and Bardo Pond. They recorded a couple albums over the next few years and then went into hibernation for nearly a decade before reviving the project in 2012. Tom and Jennifer are originally from Boston but relocated to Tokyo in 2008 where they reside to this day.

Their new self-titled release may be their first studio album since 2001, but I must mention the Client Bloody Server EP that preceded it, which features 4 lovingly noise-dronecore desecrated covers of Black Sabbath songs. If you liked the Residents’ take on the Stones’ Satisfaction you’ll surely dig Client Bloody Server, and it’s available to stream at the band’s web site.

Anyway, the new album consists of 4 tracks and clocks in at about 30 minutes. I like Tom and Jennifer’s description of their music as “Tokyo Dronecore”, which I think pretty much nails it. Older Ways is noisily ambient and jaggedly drifting, the music straddling the razors edge axis between harsh aggression and flowing calm. Lungs has a similar effect but rocks out more and has a bit of a Goth flavor. I like how the guitars create a wall of crashing but steadily flowing cosmic noise. But amidst the aggression there are simple but seductively melodic and nicely dissonant guitar solos that combine with the dronecore guitars which seem to pour like thick goopy yet acid corrosive syrup. I.B.4 Bot is another noisy rocker that’s embellished with freaky alien effects. Hell, you could dance to this one if you wanted. It’s like early 80s Post-Punk enveloped in a spaced out noise-drone wrapper. Wrapping up the set is Five is Go-Fun, which is probably the harshest and surely the most apocalyptic of the four tracks.

In summary, Client/Server would appeal to fans of melodic dronecore, noisy Post-Punk, and anyone into Ambient music but with a taste for a bit of the ultraviolence.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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