Deep Space Destructors – “Spring Break From Space EP” (Self-Released/Space Rock Productions 2015, 10″ LP/DL)

The latest from Finnish space rockers Deep Space Destructors is a 2-song EP that was a (now sold out) cassette and is also available for streaming and downloading from their Bandcamp site, AND a 10″ vinyl is due for release by Space Rock Productions (see links below).

The first track is Journey To The Space Mountain, which features 8 minutes of heavy duty Space Rock ‘n’ Roll. Actually this reminds me a bit of Litmus but with a more down and dirty fuzzed out sound. It’s got a song portion but this sucker blasts off into space for some seriously intense jamming. Damn, I’ll bet these guys kick ass live. The 11 minute Where Space Ends Time Begins is a little different, being a sonic monster rocking exploration jam with crashing drums, alien effects flittering about, screaming spaced out guitar licks, mission control voice samples and chant/narrative vocals. It’s like one big massive Hawkwind/Metal buildup that maintains an edge-of-your-seat intensity from start to finish. Check these guys out. They’ve got three previous albums at their Bandcamp site too.

To stream and download visit the Deep Space Destructors Bandcamp site at:
Order the vinyl from Space Rock Productions at:

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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