Dubbal – “Dubbal 1″ (Self-Released 2015, DL/CD)

Dubbal is the trio of Kev Ellis on vocals, Andy Radburn on synths and programming, and Nick May on guitar. Ellis and Radburn have a long history together, from the great Psych-Blues-Rock band Dr. Brown, and on to Sonic Arcana and Bubbledubble. May’s main band is Whimwise and he also did time in The Enid in the 80s.

Dubbal is not unlike Bubbledubble and Sonic Arcana, being a Space-Dub-Blues-Electronica blend that brings together a wild diversity of styles in very cool ways. Throat consists of spaced out grooving and flowing Trance-Dub electronica with trippy vocals and Blues harmonica from Kev and ripping guitar leads, sounds and effects from Nick. The guitar and harmonica are a killer combo, making for an extra oomph and outside the box embellishment not typically heard in Trance music. Mr Policeman is a Space-Dub-Rock and electronica song with a Dr. Brown edge and awesome dueling guitar and harmonica. Seriously, the guitar work is monstrous. Wolverine alternates between dance floor pounding Acid-Dub Rock ‘n’ Roll and Blues inflected Reggae grooves. Ice Melts The Sun is a whimsical Ska infused Psychedelic electronica tune, and includes Blues harmonica leads and a very cool and strange sound from the guitar lead (I “think” it’s guitar!!). Lots of freaky fun on this rug cuttin’ hip shaker. We’ve got more totally trippy Trance-Dub grooves on Rise And Fall. I like the multiple cosmic sequenced patterns and Space-Prog keys on Reality Suspend. And Third Eye wraps up the set with cosmic flowing, grooving and effects laced Space-Dub. VERY tasty set and, once again, I have to emphasize the Rock, Prog and Blues edge that the guitar and harmonica inject. Nice…

Dubbal 1 is available for download from iTunes, Amazon and Google, as well as streaming via Spotify. Kev did a run of 100 CDs which will be available at gigs, though if there are any left at the end of the summer they will be available at: http://kevellis.bandcamp.com
Go to Kev’s Bandcamp page anyway as his Space Cadet albums and other music is available there.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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