Psych Trail Mix #9 (Printed Mag, PDF Download)

The latest issue of Brent Marley’s excellent Psych Trail Mix HARD COPY zine includes 48 pages of goodies in black & white, very nicely bound, with a glossy front and back cover. Issue #9 is a Butthole Surfers special with lots of band info. We’ve got an interview with band co-founder Paul Leary, a separate interview with Teresa Taylor, a never before published 1988 band interview, band discography, an account of various bootleg concert videos and some fun Butthole Surfers comix.

The mag also includes articles about Terence McKenna, a C.A. Quintet interview with Ken Erwin, album, book, DVD and live show reviews, including an extra detailed review of the latest Chrome album, Feel It Like A Scientist. Very well done and what a pleasure have stuff like this in a real printed mag!

Psych Trail Mix #9 is available for $8 shipping included in the U.S., $9 shipping included to Canada and $12 shipping included to the UK. Anywhere else please email Brent Marley at for a shipping quote.

I can tell you from experience that these printed mags won’t last long if you don’t purchase them but note that there is a FREE PDF download edition at the Psych Trail Mix web site.

For more information, ordering and to download the PDF version visit:
If you look at the root domain name of this address you see the Helios/Chrome reference. That’s because Brent also runs an outstanding Helios Creed tribute site so check that out too.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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