Sendelica – “I’ll Walk With The Stars For You” (VE Records 2016, LP/DL)

The latest from Sendelica consists of 5 tracks with a varying lineup around the core of Pete Bingham (guitar) and Glenda Pescado (bass), including some fun guests and different sounds for the band.

The set opens on a heavy Space/Blues/Hard Rock note with Black Widow Man, with crunchy guitar and rhythm section, potent Hammond from Roger Morgan and electronics and Theremin embellishment from Lord Sealand. I listened to the album a couple times before checking the credits and was pleasantly surprised to see that the singer is none other than Twink! Twink sings on the closing song too, the dreamily drifting Dance, Stars Dance, which includes luscious accompaniment from Lee Relfe’s seductively melodic sax and Pete’s trippy soundscape strumming.

Sendelica go totally psyched out jamming Space Rock ‘n’ Roll on the 11 minute Moscow Bunker Blues. You could close your eyes and trip out or leap on to the dance floor with this sucker. The saxophone cranks out jazzy jamming leads while the bass plays a supporting lead role and the guitar keeps it all in space.

We’ve also got an enchanting guitar led siren call cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross with supporting flute from Nik Turner. And the guys must have really had early Mac on their minds because rounding out the set is the nearly 16 minute spacey, ambient, jazzy I Once Fed Peter Green’s Pet Albatross, which takes the spirit of Albatross into space for an extended meditative yet cool grooving and jamming excursion. An excellent set with a great combination of heavy and mellow music.

For more information visit the Sendelica Bandcamp site at:
You can stream and purchase the LP or download here. Note that the LP is being pressed in an edition of 250 blue vinyl with poster and 250 black vinyl which will be available in March.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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